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... sufficiently to grow.   “Wise Samurai build resilience having laughs doing karate with mates in garden. Stupid Samurai build resilience street-fighting with idiots in raw sewage. -Who ...
2. Sakiro's Hackipedia Volume 2
...  The Bourne Identity The Fifth Element The Last Samurai The Matrix The Net The Rock ...
3. Wisdom of Life Never Finished
(Workshop/Stuff by Members)
... saying “Is not finished yet. Wisdom of life never finished.” Old man think son very big loony. Next day big noise at door, old man open little crack, see big Samurai, Samurai say, ...
... Samurai Warriors (Not for the squeamish) We hear a lot of scientific names for brain bits such as 'anterior cingulate gyrus', and 'Saggittal section'…What do terms like 'anterior/dorsal/saggittal/ispilateral' ...