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... moral judgment.[38] The STS has been described as indispensable for making inferences about others' beliefs and intentions (Theory of Mind)[39] and in the structuring of personality.[40] Increased activity ...
  Neurohacking: Tutorial 13 Autonomy, self-awareness and the structuring of personality updated April 2015   introduction Welcome to advanced tutorials, in which we will be looking ...
3. Alternative energy
(Homeworld/Energy Alternatives)
... don't use detergents, and can go either into your compost or back to the recycling plant.   Restructuring your lifestyle will save more energy than almost any other measure, and if you plan it ...
4. ICMM 3 Operating System (matrix theory)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... being subverted largely because of our ignorance of its existence. A number of key damaging factors occur in our development, and it has now become impossible to avoid them without a radical restructuring ...
5. ICMM 8 Setup (a workspace)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... of knowledge and information at your disposal, and an endless supply of unknown to explore. That's hyperreality. Okay, now we're ready to go. Structuring a neurohacking session I've put together ...
6. ICMM 19 My Documents (personal account)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... Fortunately we are restructuring at a synaptic level and can use far gentler methods, but the basic plan is still the same. The old pathways have to go. And we have to work equally hard at restructuring ...