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... of these 'enlightenment periods' throughout our history during which our cultural progress occurs much faster than at other 'less enlightened' periods. This time, the internet, imaging, biotech, gene sequencing ...
2. Methods & Technology Intro - Part II: Technology
(Neurohacking/Methods & Technology)
  Methods & Technology - Part II: Technology     Introduction   There are several kinds of technology used in neurohacking: ·        ...
... I hoped to find some common ground. And so it proved.   I was asked to review Murakami's memoir in the context of my expertise on the ethics of biotechnological enhancements. Perhaps this text ...
4. ICMM 1 Terms & Conditions (what is neurohacking)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... it is ushered in surreptitiously or hits us full in the face as the fait accompli of some loony cult or dictator. The same must be said of cryonics, nanotechnology, AI, cloning (ahem), and biotechnology. ...
5. ICMM 3 Operating System (matrix theory)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... anti-aging, longevity, biotech and uploading; may they outlive their critics). There is a difference between being stuck in a matrix and having under-developed or over-developed brain areas. What matters ...
6. For Newbies
(FAQs/General Issues)
... doing something nasty to you. I’m interested in "Artificial Intelligence" and biotechnology stuff like mind/brain-computer interface and uploading, virtual reality. Intelligence is like ...