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... in the learning pathway, erasing or enhancing the effects of nicotine in participants who were under the influence of the active drug.[58] enhancement via placebo An unusual experiment with the ...
2. Memory - memory editing update, 2004-2011
(Neurohacking/Theory & Research)
... on. Researchers [19] found that one dose of ZIP even made rats forget a strong disgust they had developed for a taste that had made them sick three months earlier. The memory erasing results have now ...
3. Communication 101
(Workshop/Stuff by Members)
... service for people who have difficulty writing letters. Directions: Just highlight all the lines that apply, stick it in your mailer and send! You can even re-use the same template by erasing ...
4. Disorders & Problems - Introduction to This Section
(Neurohacking/Disorders & Problems)
... [see drugs section]. This approach is usually effective after about 8 weeks, although drugs may need to be used for up to a year. If symptoms persist and become disabling, people may consider erasing ...