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1. Neurohacking Tutorial 1 - Basics & Golden Rules
(Neuropiraterie/Tutoriels - Russian (CIS))
There are no translations available.   BEFORE BEGINNING THESE TUTORIALS IT HELPS TO READ:   “Introduction to Tutorials”   INTAL     This program ...
2. IMMMUN Appendix 1
(Workshop/Stuff by Members)
... neurohacking. A free self assessment for all networks is available here: http://www.neurohackers.com/index.php/en/menu-left-nh-library/menu-left-nh-tutorials/63-art-nh-tutorial3    matrices ...
3. I've Made My Mind Up Now: about the author
(Workshop/Stuff by Members)
... self-governing program trying to comprehend bits of itself. His first book, 'I've Changed my Mind', is available here: http://www.neurohackers.com/index.php/en/menu-left-workshop/75-cat-ws-icmm ...
4. Subject Index for Archives
  SUBJECT INDEX FOR NHA ARCHIVES   Category Section  ...
  Woh! We have some glitch on the forum homepage, dudes! To get around this, you can log on to the forums via these direct links: Bay: http://www.neurohackers.com/index.php/en/menu-left-forum/forum?id=1 ...
6. Sakiro's Hackipedia Volume 3
... binary calculation First we assign values to the fingers of our right hand, like so: The thumb counts as 1, the index finger 2, the middle finger 4, the ‘ring’ finger 8, and the little ...
... Jill, and all students who kept asking where it was.   Index model: (a)for each network we are testing the following functions: 1 senses/tools for comprehending 2 simple behaviors, system ...
... Importantly, activity in this region (as well as in the anterior insula and amygdala) is significantly and positively correlated with established behavioral measures indexing empathic behavior (during ...
9. Sakiro's Hackipedia Volume 1
... and the general public. The diet we recommend here; the ‘GI’ (Glycaemic Index; not Ground Infantry)  :  )  diet, comes with a caveat –no diet is ‘good’ for ...
10. Memory - memory editing update, 2004-2011
(Neurohacking/Theory & Research)
...    Where can I find out about/get...? http://www.chemicalbook.com/ProductIndex_EN.aspx Party on, dudes : )   Footnotes 1. Recent work (Ramos & Arnsten, 2005; Arnsten & ...
11. Alternatives to money
(Homeworld/School & Work Alternatives)
... makers go through official channels -in fact pretending you are going to make a documentary is a good way of finding out stuff. There is some information on 'peaceful' societies here: http://www.peacefulsocieties.org/index.html ...
12. Physiological methods - Epigenetics - Hacking the genome
(Neurohacking/Methods & Technology)
... it was on the same terms as that of the mice –a low glycemic index diet.)**   Gene transcription is guarding all the doors, it is holding all the keys, to every aspect of physiology you ...
13. Understanding nutrition - Sugars
(Neurohacking/Lifestyle & Nutrition)
Understanding Sugars Basics about carbohydrates and the Glycemic Index A carbohydrate (carb) is a chemical compound; composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, usually with ...
14. Alternatives to work
(Homeworld/School & Work Alternatives)
...  One of the best resources is Transitions Abroad; here: http://www.transitionsabroad.com/index.shtml Fishing If you live near a good source of fish, get fishing. You can sell the excess and you'll ...
15. Glutamate & Empathy
(Neurohacking/Drugs & Chemicals)
... the Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI). Linear regression analysis showed that dorsolateral PFC glutamate concentration was predicted by IRI factor “perspective taking” (T = −2.710, ...
16. Methods & Technology Intro - Part I: Methods
(Neurohacking/Methods & Technology)
... 'ideal' weight and 'ideal' calorie intake are also not reliable in diagnosis (see nutrition section). BMI (Body Mass Index) is a good indicator of condition in populations (eg among groups) but still ...
... cholesterol, improve insulin sensitivity, and boost weight loss. People who are too round in the middle are 20 percent more likely to die sooner, even if their body mass index is normal. At midlife, it ...
18. Tobacco & Nicotine - nicotine as therapy
(Neurohacking/Drugs & Chemicals)
... that allows one to selectively target agents for particular therapeutic purposes with an adequate safety index,” Newhouse says. “But some of the drugs that are coming on in human trials now ...
19. ICMM 5 System Information (chain reaction)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... Yes / no? Sharp or painful? Yes / no? The brain will note similarities with past ideas and the dissimilarities will make new connections, new programming. This is how a cross-indexing and association between ...
20. ICMM 20 Future Developments (upgrades & uploads)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... Disorders, Autism, Fragile X, Narcolepsy, Sleep Disorders, Cerebral Ischemic Disorders, Stroke. http://www.cortexpharm.com/html/research/index.html 4. RG2133 (triacetyluridine). A prodrug of urindine. ...
21. ICMM REFS & further reading
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
REFS & further reading R1: http://www.neuroguide.com/index.html http://www.med.uwo.ca/physiology/courses/medsweb/ R2: Piaget, J. Inhelder, B. & Weaver, H.(Translator);'Psychology ...
22. Psychological methods - Meditation - benefits
(Neurohacking/Methods & Technology)
... cerebral hemispheres during meditation. EEG coherence is quantitative index of the degree of long-range spatial ordering of the brain waves. In a new meditator, the EEG coherence increases during the period ...
... prefer it to beef. It tastes very similar to quality steak and it's not so chewy. A small amount is very filling.   The GI thing People who go on about the 'glycemic index' are talking about ...
24. Optimal Nutrition - The Basics
(Neurohacking/Lifestyle & Nutrition)
... if you get into a GI diet. The 'GI' [Glycemic Index'] is a classification of foods according to the speed at which they release their sugars into the bloodstream. A fast-release (High GI) food is associated ...
25. Global Hunger Index
(Liens internet / The Planet Is Your Garden)
Global Hunger Index ...
26. CIA World Fact book
(Liens internet / The Planet Is Your Garden)
World statistics
27. NMS
(Liens internet / Methods & Technology)
Todd Murphy's site for the Shakti & Shiva NMS machines. The technical info is good but beware of woo-woo.
28. National Institute of Mental Health
(Liens internet / Disorders & Problems)
The largest scientific organization in the world dedicated to research on understanding, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders and the promotion of mental health. Mental health topics page.
29. Glycemic Index
(Liens internet / Nutrition)
Everything you need to know about the glycemic index ...
30. Human brain atlas
(Liens internet / NH Basics)
Human brain atlas