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1. Homeworld Greetings
(Homeworld/Introductive Material - French (Fr))
There are no translations available. If your life seems like a fight, You seek a way to make it right Dawn's breaking, you wake up, refreshed; For the very first time of your life ...
2. The Neurohackers Community
(FAQs/General Issues - French (Fr))
There are no translations available.   Lately, someone was asking an old friend of ours: "What do people want?" And he said: "People want to feel good. They want to get on ...
3. Lifestyle & Nutrition
(категория - French (Fr))
"If the brain doesn't get what it needs, it won't do what you want" - NH Basic Principle     You might wonder how nutrition has anything to do with mental issues, but ...
4. Permaculture & Self Sufficiency
(категория - French (Fr))
    This section gathers material about strategies for avoiding the "Grid", in particular when/where it has been proven to be an healthier way of living. ...
... aliens / spiritual master / saint / angel / god / goddess / messiah / The Force / emergent intelligence   Although we have listed mainly goodies here, any of these characters can be good or bad. ...
6. Antidepressants - risk of gut infection
(Neurohacking/Drugs & Chemicals)
...  Mary A M Rogers, M Todd Greene, Vincent B Young, Sanjay Saint, Kenneth M Langa, John Y Kao and David M Aronoff     Abstract   Background An ancillary finding in previous research ...