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... disorder (ADHD), depression and hypotension. Norepinephrine itself cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, so drugs such as amphetamines are necessary to increase brain levels. Norepinephrine is mainly ...
...  Depression Balanced mind Mania   We can look at some of the ...
33. ICMM 3 Operating System (matrix theory)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... problems, such as 'anxiety related' disorders, depression, or more serious mental problems (if these were not present already from childhood, as is ever more increasingly the case). On the other hand it ...
34. ICMM 5 System Information (chain reaction)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... hospital birth, you don't get fined £500, but it can cost a lot more than that later, for the drugs for ADHD, depression, constant infection due to exhausted immune system, etc. (although the child can ...
35. ICMM 6 Run (COMP)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... takes a long time to repair. Your society and most fellow humans are beset with apparently never-ending circular problems of disagreement, depression, violence, conflict and war. Welcome to your life. ...
36. ICMM 8 Setup (a workspace)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... Valium or Chloramphenicol are just as serious as those of tobacco, and worse than marijuana. (That was a qualifier...) If someone suffers from depression, and they find a drug which relieves the symptoms, ...
37. ICMM 11 Processor Upgrade (conditioning & learning)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... human behavior.) Whilst you're still alive, cortisol will damage your intelligence, producing escalating anxiety and neurochemical imbalance, assisting you to achieve chronic depression, immune deficiency, ...
38. ICMM 17 Advanced Applications Level 2 (TMS, NMS etc)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... to test for results of brain surgery and for research, and is now being explored as a therapeutic tool in depression, schizophrenia, and stroke recovery, with very promising results. TMS achieves its ...
39. ICMM 18 Troubleshooting (problems & solutions)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... two groups genetically,R46 with the same problems making people vulnerable to all the disorders in that group. The separation runs as follows: Depression, anxiety disorders and phobias form one group, ...
40. ICMM 20 Future Developments (upgrades & uploads)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... you do when we see indisputable proof that television, fast food, school, and even early literacy are turning your bundle of joy into an average moron, destined for middle aged depression and then senility? ...
41. ICMM REFS & further reading
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... group) (1977) R5: Rochlin, G. 'The Dread of Abandonment: A Contribution to the Etiology of the Loss Complex and to Depression' The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, vol 16, edited by Ryth Eisler. ...
42. BTPT 3, 6
(Workshop/Beyond The Porcelain Throne)
... it may occur to you that some people are not going to make it; they are going to lose the fight to depression or oppression or apathy or senility or anxiety and fall as casualties of the Toilet Empire. ...
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