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Neurohacking - Methods & Technology
Written by NHA   
Sunday, 28 February 2010 03:15
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Methods & Technology Intro - Part I: Methods
Investigative and Diagnostic Techniques
Repair and Prevention
Intelligence Augmentation and Exploration
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Methods and Technology in Neurohacking - Introduction Part I: Methods


We can use methods and technology in NH to do any or all of the following things:

  • Assess our current status, physically, psychologically, functionally.
  • Repair any existing problems that we have.
  • Keep in practice with the abilities and skills we already have.
  • Explore new possibilities for improvement and augment intelligence.
  • Find information to test a particular theory.
  • Prevent problems.


There is information to assist in all these pursuits in this introduction.



There are three sections to this part:

  • Investigation & diagnostic techniques –ways of finding out stuff about your brain, mind and health
  • Ways of treating a problem: repair & prevention
  • Intelligence Augmentation & exploration


Each section discusses the following types of methods:

  • Physical & sensorimotor methods
  • Behavioral methods
  • Psychological methods
  • Spiritual methods


For information about Chemical methods, see Drugs & Chemicals section of library.

For information about methods using technology, see Methods & Technology Intro - Part II: Technology (this section).


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