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Neurohacking - Tutorials
Written by NHA   
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 13:21


Scripting game - counterfeit script lines

1 looks like we're in for a whole week of shitty weather AGAIN

2 you sprained your wrist? -trust me it's nothing compared to when I broke mine last year!

3 look, you're distracting me and now I've lost my place!

4 I can't be a dancer, my parents would disown me.

5 I fancy you, but my brother would go mental if we went out.

6 Your car's the same model as mine. -I went for all the extras, of course.

7 I know piano practice makes you miserable -but you'll thank me later for making you do it!

8 fuck you too, asshole!

9 you make me anxious and now look what happened!

10 I know; it's just getting worse and worse!

11 I can't do that, cos it would upset my boyfriend.

12 I can't buy meat cos my wife is vegetarian.