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FAQs - Intal (Tutorials Program)
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Lunes 01 de Septiembre de 2008 21:30
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The recent discovery of the brain's plasticity has shown us that the mind is trained, and 'wired', through habit, and all that these tutorials do is enable you to practise the habits that improve your brain and avoid the habits that depreciate it.

The quality of your brain affects your intelligence, which means as your brain gets fitter, you get smarter. You'll find it easier to think quickly and accurately, because mental 'fitness' (or 'muscular-mindedness') trains up the cognitive mind and memory to see the best options for success in any situation clearly and quickly, instead of having to either blindly follow and do whatever it is told, or take hurried, unprepared decisions that lead to failure.

Training your brain like this has two kinds of effect; one physical, one mental.

  • This is what will happen to you physically: Your brain literally grows new connections when you do the exercises regularly; and this in itself helps slow down the effects of any cell loss with ageing, preventing memory loss and dementia [the brain shrinks as we get older if it is unfit, just like muscles do.] Because the brain controls the body, as you train up the mind you'll get more dextrous and have a better response speed. The brain also affects your immune system and the stronger it gets, the more resistance you will have against physical disease.
  • This is what will happen to you mentally: A healthy brain is a well-balanced brain, and that means a well-balanced mind. The brain controls hormones, so brain health is also a powerful preventive against depression, anxiety, mood swings and chronic stress-related disorders. Your perception will sharpen. You'll become more emotionally stable, your memory, attention and observation skills will improve, as will your creativity and intellect. You'll gain abilities such as heightened empathy and strategy skills. You'll experience higher confidence and self esteem, and become more adept at communication and planning. You'll be able to relax when you want to and have the energy for interaction when you need it.


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