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Workshop - Pillars Of Nobility
Escrito por Le Scal   
Miércoles 31 de Marzo de 2010 19:52
Tags PON - novel - thriller - psychological
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Preliminary Statement


I've never really considered myself as a "writer", for the good and simple reason that I've never performed to write a story (even less an essay) from its beginning to its end, except in the case of a very short "novellita" (about 2 pages) that was entitled "The Dragon's Breath" (title that I've used many years later for a blog* on a completely different subject). In fact, I could say I performed to write "a proper prolog" for a story, only once in my lifetime so far. This would be enough by itself however, on another hand, the number of times I've begun to write a story is... substantial (and this is just not to use 'stunning', 'astounding', or yet 'dramatic'...). And this kind of lucidity upon myself didn't stop me from thinking what I thought the first time I closed "The Lord Of The Rings" after 3 or 4 months of daily encounters with the members of the fellowship -who had become close friends along the way, a thought that popped into my mind right after wiping my tears -the first tears I've ever dropped by reaching the end of a book (and most likely the only ones), a thought that brought me to consider the act of writing such a story as one of the highest and noblest deeds a human being might ever accomplish. I was about 17 at the time and this kind of deed still lingers among the five or ten highest ones in my today's mind. It explains why - since then - I've always wished to write "something of that scale". But, as you will undoubtedly agree with me, you don't go from writing a 2 pages prolog to writing a saga in 3 or 4 volumes, just like that, because you'd like to.

So I thought that working on a fiction, which would be a bit more than 2 pages and far less than 4 volumes, could constitute both a good practical exercice (before facing the "big one") and an exciting challenge, as it will be my "first completed (consistent) piece of work" in this domain (not counting my first album since it's not really the same type of writing). Besides, I had to find a proper subject for the NHA workshop, which is already in itself something like a neat feat.

The important point to keep in mind while you'll be (hopefully) reading those lines is that it truly is a fiction...

Now, my very dear and fellow dudes, let the story begins...



*: The Dragon's Breath


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