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For Newbies
The Basics (What is Neurohacking)
The Details (Site Map and How to Use Features)
Practice and Variations (How to Approach the Material)
Creative Play or the Ultimate Objective
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So, where you go from here is up to you. This page is to direct those who wish to explore neurohacking as a means to improving intelligence and enhancing their abilities, to improve mood, confidence, learning, imagination, memory, social ability, intellect, creativity, relationships or quality of life, to treat problems such as depression, shyness or ADHD, or as a spiritual journey or a general path to learning, self-improvement, strong intelligence, and good mental health.

Whether you want to do any of this, or lots of it, you will need to know some of the same basics to start. There have been enormous recent discoveries in neuroscience, and even if you have studied it before you may well be out of date.


  • First we recommend that you join the Forum. This is your first port of call for up-to-date discussion, questions and exchange of facts, experiences and ideas. Newbies’ opinions are particularly valuable because they help us to improve the site. Remember to check out Core Conditions (see Basics section) before interacting on the forum, as posts breaking CC's will be edited.
  • If you want to learn neurohacking well and safely and practise while you learn, use the Tutorials. They will give you all the basics and show you how to design a personal plan from choices of techniques that suit you, and how to assess your own progress. There are exercises and hacks to try that you can start right away.
  • If you have no knowledge of brain science at all, and/or you want a brief history and a good updating in what has been discovered about the brain and mind, read: A Brief History on Studying the Brain & Mind in the library's Basics section. This section is the best place for learning all the basics on most of the important stuff. In ‘Basics’ articles you will often be told which tutorials they relate to, to guide your progress.
  • If all this sounds really interesting but you have a lot of difficulty with reading science or non-fiction in general, read the comedy series Beyond The Porcelain Throne in the workshop section, which will give you a good laugh and a good introduction to many of the ideas used in Neurohacking, just by reading a novel!
  • If you prefer to dip into things at random but want to be up to date fast, here are the keywords for the most important things to learn about first: anxiety, input control, stress/relaxation, interaction, core conditions, factors of intelligence, golden rules, emotion & sentiment, learning cycle & COMP. You will find the tutorials a great help for these also.
  • If you are rather keen of spirituality, and/or if you wonder where the heck did go the spirit of rock'n'roll, then we recommend you to listen to COMP~Position (Le Scal's debut album, 100% "home blend") that you will find in the workshop section.
  • The library is a good general source of info. Click here to get to the categories list.
  • If you are still unsure where to start or to find what you need, post something on the forum. The more clearly we know what you want to know, the more easily and quickly we can help you find it.


Now, if you begin to see more clearly the path under your feet, then: "Ladies and gentlemen and highly regarded dudes, the passengers for 'Destination Anywhere' should:


  • If you're practical, please proceed to Gate 1: Gate1


  • If you’re explorative, please proceed to Gate 2: Gate2


  • If you're pictorial, please proceed to Gate 3:  Gate3

  • If you're a story lover, please proceed to Gate 4:  Gate4


  • If you’re intellectual, please proceed to Gate 5: Gate5


  • If you're spiritual, please proceed to Gate 6: Gate6


And make sure to ENJOY your flight!" 


Now, if 'Destination Anywhere' seems to you a bit too vague and if you prefer to know more about your destination before embarking on any journey, take a look at the next page on 'Creative Play'. Cause if Intelligence Augmentation is our primary objective, it is to be seen as a 'resulting objective'; creative play is about 'how we can get there' in the most efficient way, it is the 'practical objective' that will trigger the results.