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...    9.202 BCI & Monkey moves cursor    ...
... our personal data via the internet and a BCI. “Hackers backdoor the human brain, successfully extract sensitive data” -claimed ExtremeTech's site last August, and we felt it was only a matter ...
3. BCI feature on TED
  BCI: one of latest headsets featured on TED http://blog.ted.com/2010/07/a_headset_that.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+TEDBlog+(TEDBlog)  ...
4. Methods & Technology Intro - Part II: Technology
(Neurohacking/Methods & Technology)
... Interface or brain/computer interface (BCI) Don't believe any of the hype that these have only recently been developed! Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta led by Philip Kennedy and Roy Bakay ...
5. Brain Computer Interface (BCI) - BrainGate
(Neurohacking/Methods & Technology)
Brain-Computer Interface: BrainGate   Developed at Brown, New Clinical Trial Beginning BrainGate, an investigational technology being developed to detect brain signals and to allow ...