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1. Ground Floor
(Workshop/Pillars Of Nobility)
  Ground Floor   You don't live in a country, you live in a tongue. Homeland is nothing else than that - Emil Cioran   Actually, in a sense, maybe her departure was a good ...
2. Foundations
(Workshop/Pillars Of Nobility)
... useful to do with your life, forget about that sci-fi bullshit, or you'll end up fucking crazy in some psychiatric orbital station, watching whatever planet's surface passing by..."  - "Okay, ...
3. ICMM 6 Run (COMP)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... tears in the rain, or too many sci-fi quotes... This is, quite understandably, totally unacceptable to any intelligent mind. You want more life, swearword. Here you are in society. Your everyday life. ...
4. ICMM 12 Security & Firewalls (protection)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... watching so much sci-fi. Make it so. If you want your senses to work properly, as they were designed to do, you have to set up the conditions for that. You have to avoid malnutrition (and I don't mean ...
5. ICMM 15 AL Tutorial (imagination enhancement)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... fantasy and sci-fi, but rarely is it encountered in full form. Those who can think in it, speak well, their words inspire us because they are linked to those numinous archetypes which underlie all psychological ...
6. ICMM 19 My Documents (personal account)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... and the behavior to match, I am often accused of being various things, among them a visionary, a dreamer, a sci-fi freak, a jumped-up filofax and a scientific nuisance. Here is my case for the defense: ...
7. ICMM 20 Future Developments (upgrades & uploads)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
20. Future Developments (upgrades and uploads) Many people cannot imagine the future. They say, oh, I suppose we'll probably have spaceships and robots, and things we've seen in sci-fi movies, ...
... catsuit they have just spent $300 on. Alice asks them if they're wearing it for a bet. Bob asks the name of the sci-fi movie they are appearing in. Carl offers to beat up the shop assistant who sold ...