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Atelier - COMP~Position
Écrit par Le Scal   
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What Are We Waiting For?

Do you know that Humanity is on the verge of a major change? I know.

That you might get tossed and turned and pulled a littl' bit out of range? I know.

And so you must be quick and alert, boy you can't get asleep at that wheel! I know.

Yeah you have to keep control, d'you know the story of Achilles' heel? I know.

So tell me, silly little boy, err...

What are you waiting for? (x3)

Would you see that beyond that point nothing will ever be the same? I would.

Could you stand the chaos ahead, endure and never get insane? I could.

And would you say that everything is profoundly intertwined? I would.

Could you consider that girl, and still gettin' to focus your mind? I could.

So tell me, pretty little girl, err...

What are you waiting for? (x3)

Can't we say that this joke is over, that we have to get along with the real? We can.

Can't we begin to speak the truth, we got nothing that is worth to conceal? We can.

Can't we hack a bit our brains and teach'em how to better understand? We can.

Can't we modify the supply if we are wise enough to tweak the demand? We can.

So tell me, my dear comrades, err...

What are we waiting for? (x3)

To be human and more (x3)

Yeah, we have to cross the bridge,

Dancing on the ridge;

Now, you shall never fall

When you're next to the wall...

So, what are you waiting for?

What are we waiting for?

What am I waiting for?

To be human and more (x3)

- Damn! I don't know what stops me from being free, dude...
- Hmm... Let me think, err... Fear?
- Yeah, must be it...