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Dawn's Dream


You know, sis’… I had a dream!

Oh no… Not again!

What do you mean?

Dear… I’m quite fed up with your dreams, yunno…

And why so?

(Sigh) Your dreams are exhausting! It’s always about saving the world, doing the revolution, sometimes with thousands of spaceships scattered throughout the solar system, and… well, you know…?

Yeah… Sure… but this time it’s different, this time it’s simple. It goes like this…

Well, what do you think…?

Sounds good baby, but what it is all about?

It’s about a city, a silver city which would smile to the freshness of the morning sun,

sublimate the brightness of daylight,

and embrace the warmth of the setting sun.

Yeah… go on…

It would be built on a fractal blueprint, so that new buildings would follow the fractal pattern, therefore optimizing space… But above all, it would be an earther city, no Nation involved, a city dedicated to space exploration, uniting all earther space activity into a common objective.

Wow! “Simple” huh? … Okay, I'll admit that. Tell me, where would that city be built?

Hmm… that’s the problem… according to my calculations, it should be somewhere between the North-East of Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Ah… I see… But what kind of calculations do you mean?

The barycentre of Earth’s emerged lands… the problem is: I’m not sure where to put the origin of the referential…

Maybe you should ask to someone competent in “space topology”?

You’re right, of course…: I’ll do that! Thank you, sis’!

You welcome bro’… But if I may ask, is that the only problem you have?

Mainly, yeah. The rest… well, the rest is just a question of time, milady. It will happen.

How can you be so sure of that?

Well… I had the dream. I gave it to you, and to everyone listening. Someday, they’ll make it real. Someday, they will build it. It’s… inevitable.


Our children, sister… our children.

Hmm… You know what? I like this one… (*smooch *) Now play me some guitar, my brother…