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Network 2 puzzle answers


1 odd one out one point for each correct answer -maximum 9 points

(a) B The mirror image is on the right, but it is on the left in all the others.

(b) C It is an image of a left hand, all the rest are right hands.

(c) A Opposite sides of the dice formed don't add up to seven, all others form proper dice.

(d) C Squares of opposite color should go on the same side of the line

(e) D The sides of the shapes add up to eight in all others

(f) A is the only symmetrical figure

(g) D is one square short2



2 2D jigsaws -you get one point for each correct answer -maximum 3 points

(a) C

(b) B

(c) B


3 2D reverse jigsaw you get one point for this correct answer



4 Imaginary village questions one point for each correct answer -maximum 4 points

1 NE

2 S of her position

3 S of her position

4 Building 173

5 odd one out times four -you get one point for each correct answer -maximum 5 points

B, H, L, O (one point only)


6 spot the difference landscapes -you get one point for every difference -maximum 6 points per picture-pair



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