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FAQs - Intal (Programme de Tutoriels)
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Lundi, 01 Septembre 2008 21:37
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Just as there are physical habits that improve different parts or all of our bodies (such as diet and physical exercises), so there are mental habits that improve the performance of different parts of our brains.

The series of exercises in the tutorials is organized so that you can train up the whole brain, or just the parts you wish to concentrate on (for example, just memory). You probably know that the brain is made up of a series of neural 'networks'. The exercises teach us how to use all the main brain networks necessary for intelligence both individually and together. If you go for it in a mature yet light-hearted spirit, neurohacking is a fun, challenging, indoor mental workout with no heavy lifting. There is almost no physical effort involved in training the brain.

There is no time schedule you have to adhere to either, because some people have less spare time than others, but remember that the more regularly you practise, the better will be your results. It can become a little like a martial art; and we have come to think if n-hacking as a way of life, rather than a hobby or an amusement. To make a noticeable difference, it should take you no more than a month to explore each tutorial. [If you consult theory throughout it will obviously take you longer.]


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