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Intermediate questions

Before starting intermediate type questions, all players should review their performance on basic questions. Were we able to be absolutely honest, or did we find ourselves answering 'to impress the other person' or to give a certain impression of ourselves? Only if we are able to be totally honest in basic questions should we progress to intermediates.

Remember there is more than one correct answer for some questions.

Intermediate type questions are about things we do, behaviors or habits, but still must not reveal any personal details. Here are some examples:


Intermediate questions for Profiling Game, examples:

“X probably uses mind machines (a) frequently (b) sometimes (c) rarely (d) never”

“X probably reads hard copy books (a) never (b) rarely (c) often (d) all the time”

“X probably reads/listens to fiction (a) never (b) rarely (c) often (d) all the time”

“X probably (a) drinks more coffee than tea (b) drinks more tea than coffee (c) doesn't drink coffee or tea (d) drinks about equal amounts of tea and coffee”

“X would probably (a) get bored watching any sport on tv (b) enjoy watching a favorite sport on tv (c) enjoy watching any sport on tv (d) not have a tv”

“If X did regular food shopping for a week they would probably get (a) some fish (b) some cereal (c) some fruit (d) some sugar”

“X probably watches movies (a) every day/night (b) most days/nights a week (c) around once a week or at weekends (d) hardly ever”

“X probably irons their clothes: (a) always (b) only the work stuff (c) only the stuff for evening wear (d) never?”

“X probably communicates a lot with (a) people online (b) people in their local neighborhood (c) close friends they hang out with (d) their (genetic) family”

“X probably (a) does gardening (b) makes model aircraft or spaceships (c) collects stuff (eg stamps, coins, star wars toys) (d) does none of these

“X probably drives a car (a) everywhere they need to go (b) only on long trips (c) only in extreme emergencies (d) never?”

“X would probably keep pets (a) always, deliberately (b) only by default if they were given to or left with X (c) only if they were found as strays or injured (d) never?”

“X probably plays physical sports or works out (a) every day (b) about one to three days a week (c) rarely (d) never”

“X is probably able to (a) swim (b) ride a bicycle (c) ride a horse (d) drive a car”

“X probably went to school (a) never, they were home-educated (b) regularly and never bunked off (c) reluctantly and bunked off a lot (d) regularly but bunked off occasionally”

“X is probably able to (a) play a musical instrument (b) sing in tune (c) keep time adequately when singing/playing with others (d) compose music”

“In a crowded night club, X would probably (a) be too embarrassed to dance (b) not be at all embarrassed to dance (c) dance in public but not alone (d) be happy to dance in public alone”

“The things X enjoys best of all in life probably include (a) sex (b) music (c) food (d) intoxication”

“X is probably (a) vegan (b) vegetarian (c) omnivorous (d) on Low GI”

“X would probably get most nervous about facing (a) spiders (b) heights (c) being in the dark (d) being alone”

“If the power grid went off right when making dinner, X would probably (a) not notice; they're not on the grid (b) get really annoyed and not eat (c) be prepared with a 'power cut kit' and a mini butane stove/ firelighters (d) go out for dinner”

“If required to do some public speaking, X would probably (a) refuse (b) write, rehearse & deliver their speech (c) make notes and ad-lib a speech (d) be really nervous but do it anyway”