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"Maybe we're crazy. Probably." - Gnarls Barkley - Crazy



Joking aside, this is the place to look if you experience mental disorders or problems, and we recommend it even if it's not the case, because this is about what happens when things go wrong. And before setting out on your journey it might be a good idea to know where hazards lie along the path. Symptoms are like hazard warning lights. It's not bad in itself that something goes wrong, it's always better though to be aware of it. By recognizing the symptoms you can deal more adeptly with the cause.

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Disorders & Problems - Introduction to This Section 28.02.2010 NHA 22378
Self Esteem - Insecurity & Materialism 28.02.2010 NHA 19222
Anxiety - Cortisol and Violent Behavior 12.06.2009 NHA 9489
diabetes, metabolic syndrome - Obesity - What Makes Mice Fat 28.02.2010 NHA 7977
Alzheimers - Research, Feb 2009 12.06.2009 NHA 9385
Autism - A Theory of Autism, by Rama & Lindsay Oberman 23.04.2009 NHA 11209