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"Do things in the right order, and let your brain do the job." -  NH popular saying



If there is any kind of method in neurohacking, it is about aligning with biology's intent in order to allow things to emerge naturaly. Neurohackers don't fight reality by hitting the wall with their heads, they work with the powers in nature, not against them. And the powers in nature include us and our technology.


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Заголовок материала Дата Автор Хиты
TMS, NMS & tDCS - DIY info on tDCS 10.07.2013 NHA 12128
Methods & Technology Intro - Part I: Methods 28.02.2010 NHA 22375
Methods & Technology Intro - Part II: Technology 28.02.2010 NHA 14231
Physiological methods - Benefits of Exercise 17.08.2009 NHA 12311
Imaging - Brain Maps Define Diseases 27.11.2009 NHA 8031
psychological methods - attitude, cortisol & health 12.06.2009 NHA 8038
Psychological methods - Meditation - benefits 13.08.2009 NHA 19813
Psychological methods - Meditation - A Selection of Articles 12.06.2009 NHA 9100
Physiological methods - Epigenetics - Hacking the genome 24.09.2010 AR 15292
Brain Computer Interface (BCI) - BrainGate 12.06.2009 NHA 13449
Physiological methods - Longevity and Epigenetic Modification (Intermediate Level NH) 28.02.2010 NHA 21658