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Written by NHA   
Monday, 24 August 2009 23:15
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We Were There, Dudes!
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Slot 02 - “Crayon Soap” by Johnny Mnemonic

  • Observer and Main character: Johnny himself
  • Location and Date: Mnemo’s bed in flight, Vida 74 (aBBm)


This will probably be a fun discussion. It's about one of the most wonderful drug experiences that I have ever had. Unfortunately, I know not what it was. So, as a fun little jaunt down the rabbit hole of the unknown, I invite whoever is willing to join me as we scientifically

deduce the possible composition of this wonder drug.


For the time being, let's call this substance "crayon soap", because those two words describe both the form and experience of the substance. Two gel like materials were emptied into a puddle on the table from a straw which had been heat sealed and perforated to create three compartments that could be pulled apart. The third compartment was empty.


The puddle was either undergoing a chemical reaction from the combination of the two gels or the empty straw was used; either way, the result was a bubble approx. 1-1/2" in diameter. A swirl of colours teamed throughout the surface of this bubble. The woman administering this crayon soap handed me the empty straw section and instructed that I press the opening of one end to my lips and the other into the bubble then inhale. I did so, and the effects were immediate.



I found myself in another visual field altogether. My new surroundings were basically devoid of any colour or form until the moment that I had a thought. When that though occurred to me, as an amorphic form of muddled colour, it was instantly cast out into the void and splattered onto the canvas of this mindscape. I thought again with a bit more clarity this time something with shape and colour, and again it projected out to fill up the void. A red circle, a blue square...the exact colours and shapes were not important. What mattered was that anything I though manifested into this personalized world. The more things I thought the better I became at controlling the thoughts and the more detail the resulting manifestations became. There was suddenly a mountain off in the distance and palm trees in the foreground, all of my own creation. Then there was a dog sled manifested instantaneously right in front of me.

While playing with creating the details of the sled, my ability to do so began to slow. At this point, I could tell that the effects of the drug where wearing of, because I was pulling away from this colourful canvas of a world. As I drew ever farther away from it and back into reality, two objects appeared from the periphery of my vision; a golden coin entered from the left and a pair of blue circular-lenses spectacles entering from the right merged in the middle and at that moment I was conscious again at the table where I had taken the drug.

So that's what I have to go on. It would be really cool if we could figure out what this was made of and maybe actually make it. It could have a big impact on the way we view the world around us.

This experience taught me that each of us has a big part to play in what surrounds us in this world. Our thoughts are literally cast out from our minds, whether internally or externally to manifest our desired reality. The two merging images at the end taught me the importance of

having a clear vision for what to do and the resources, financial or otherwise, to bring it to fruition.


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