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Workshop - Stuff by Members
Автор: NHA   
24.08.2009 23:15
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We Were There, Dudes!
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Dedicated to the memory of Darkroom Pete,

and of all the neurohackers who were, are and will ever be walking the Earth, and beyond…


Note of the Editor

From Wiki (Vida 80) - "The expanding universe model was corroborated by Edwin Hubble's 1929 (old code calendar) observations. Independently deriving these equations in 1927, Georges Lemaitre, a Belgian Roman Catholic priest suggested, on the basis of the recession of spiral nebulae, that the universe began as a simple "primeval atom" — now known as the Big Bang."

That’s why, as a conventional and deliberately arbitrary choice, the calendar we'll use considers the middle between those dates of the “old code” gregorian calendar as its origin, and it also shifts the beginning of the year to make it coincide with the beginning of the new ascending phase of the sun, that is to say on December 22nd. In other terms: 22.December.1927 [GC] = 01.Auro.01 [DEC]. The four phases of the Dawn Era Calendar being: Auro, Vida, Sola and Narke. Therefore, if I get my math properly, and keeping in mind the origin is not the year ‘0’ but the year '1', this document has been created on 87.Vida.80 (sorry for any prior erroneous calculations…). It simply means it was the 87th day of the Vida phase on the 80th year of existence of the Universe as we see it, which is often stated with the usual notation after the date in the DEC, the abbreviation 'aBBm', which stands for: "after Big Bang model".

Ignition: Earth – 87.Vida.80 (aBBm)

Last Update: 64.Sola.82



At first, it was Darkroom Pete’s spirit, in an ultimate feat of supreme folly, which initiated this whole idea. The medium was composed of an old friend whose name will remain unspoken, of Johnny Mnemonic and of Scalino Corleone di Napoli. Then, because it was a brilliant idea, a large number of neurohackers from all around the world thought it might be a good idea to participate and hopefully the future will show us they've slowly, patiently, and elegantly enriched it. This work - still in progress - is their work. It is a collection – and a recollection – of short stories. They are about Intelligence, in all the forms we were able to witness and spot out there - in any kind of humanly experienced situations - and gather in here. They may constitute the most sincere expression of our collective spirit.

Needless to say we knew right from the start that this list wouldn’t be exhaustive; well, it will never be. In fact, this is the greatest trick of Intelligence in its journey toward infinity: it grows on it...

However it is not, by far, the only one Smile



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