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"It was the dawn of the future... On Planet Earth (and already a bit beyond), the Toilet Empire's legions were destroying audacious ideas,

slaughtering cheerfulness, burning curiosity, executing the spirit of adventure,

and locking down for life, in numerous cages, those who dared to stand for these in front of them.

Everywhere? No!

'Cause in a lost corner of the intra-planetary space, a ship of irreducible neurohackers resists,

again and again, to the attacks of the invaders..."


Well, that could sound good as the first lines of a novel relating our high deeds to future generations, nope...?

Anyway, this is the place where our members are encouraged to use their imagination and writing skills in order: to bring us to other worlds, alternate realities, distant futures or fantasy realms,.. or, in more earth-bound genres, to put the reader in front of a cultural mirror focusing either on their little deficiencies and dysfunctions either on their everyday-life's little joys, or moments of epiphanies, pearls of oneness,.. or yet, to record historical memorable events from a neurohacking point of view, just for the sake of posterity, and so on...

In any case, a place where the spirit of our community may be found along, throughout or within the lines of its content. Have fun!



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Заголовок материала Дата Автор Хиты
IMMMUN Chapter 7 06.03.2022 alex 425
IMMMUN chapter 6 03.10.2021 Alex 912
IMMMUN chapter 5 02.10.2021 Alex 859
IMMMUN chapter 4 30.09.2021 Alex 920
IMMMUN chapter 3 29.09.2021 Alex 975
IMMMUN chapter 2 23.09.2021 Alex 912
IMMMUN Appendix 1 23.09.2021 Alex 843
IMMMUN Chapter 1 22.09.2021 Alex 1171
I've Made My Mind Up Now: Foreword 22.09.2021 Alex Ramonsky 787
I've Made My Mind Up Now: Contents 22.09.2021 Alex 780
I've Made My Mind Up Now: about the author 22.09.2021 Alex 823
I've Made My Mind Up Now: cover art 22.09.2021 Alex 581
Communication 101 02.08.2011 NHA 6633
Wisdom of Life Never Finished 27.02.2011 NHA 7235
Passages in the Void 03.10.2010 localroger 27166
We Were There, Dudes! 24.08.2009 NHA 11977