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Written by NHA   
Monday, 24 August 2009 23:15
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We Were There, Dudes!
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NHA Workshop - WWTD - The Awakening of Detti
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Slot 03 - “The Awakening of Detti” by Le Scal

  • Observer: Tine
  • Main character: Detti
  • Location and Date: South of France - Vida 80 (aBBm)


That other day, in the afternoon, Liette and I were playing in the garden, our mother Detti was seated with her father who had come a long way to see us all; they were drinking fresh fruit juices. Our father Aton was proudly riding a weird noisy machine intentioned to prevent grass to reaching its intended height. Well, I mean, why don’t they let it grow? It won’t reach the sky anyway.

My mother has lived some hard times lately; she had a car accident and all… Although I could say that - I don’t know very well why though - today she’s much lighter than she was before. I feel that she had to face terrible things; one day, in her eyes, I had the impression to catch something which sounded like broken glass. It made me wonder why. Maybe she had forgotten that she will die, and then, at this very moment, she remembered…

Suddenly I heard the door’s bell, so I went there (carefully followed by my older sister…) to see who it was.

It was the Scal! Liette and I were very pleased to see him, we hadn’t in a while. He gently kissed us, and asked us if we were fine. We were. Then we led him to our parents, who were right behind the house from where we were starting. It was so cool to see Scal, but then I thought that he wasn’t coming very often. I mean… I know him since… since err… I’ve always known him actually, he saw me being born! So yeah, I know somehow he’s always with me. But he could come more often, that’s all…

We turned around the first corner of the house, and then, leaving Liette and Scal a few meters behind, I ran around the second corner towards my mother, to tell her: “someone is here”. She paused a fraction of a second and replied: “Le Scal”! Then I looked back and Scal was just coming out of the second corner, surprised by my mother’s guess, and he launched: “Oh yes, beautiful Detti!” And they smiled to each other… For a little moment, I wondered how she could have known it was him before actually seeing him; but well, as I said, she’s much lighter now. I guess she has found her ways… Smile

Then, after a while, at some point in the usual conversation, Scal suddenly told me he had to sketch me one of these days. I asked him why, and he said: “I want to write a story where you would be one of the characters. And I might need to draw pictures of you to tell that story. It might take me some years though, and I have to catch you as you are now.” He paused a bit and then added: “You know… you are quite perfect as you are now, don’t ever change anything. Although, that’s maybe the most difficult thing to accomplish, in this world.” I looked at my mother, and she seemed to agree, well... she was smiling. I was blown… and delighted! Le Scal rocks!! Smile

He stayed with us much longer than usual, that day…


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