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"In the universe, everything could be formalized as a tree or a graph. And I guess it should. I mean, we should...

Cause you know, in such a perspective, the most elementary and fundamental action to perform would be: to connect."

Le Scal - Sola 83, the 91st.



This is a place for miscellaneous resources storage, 'cause we all need some kind of attic or cave or closet to store our stuff, yunno... So, have a peek, you never know what you might find...


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Заголовок материала Дата Автор Хиты
Subject Index for Archives 12.01.2017 NHA 7679
Sakiro's Hackipedia Volume 3 23.04.2015 NHA 14804
Books -The Head Trip by Jeff Warren 10.08.2013 Jeff Warren 94244
Advanced questions for Profiling Game 15.07.2013 NHA 6326
Intermediate questions for Profiling Game 15.07.2013 NHA 5707
Basic questions for Profiling Game 15.07.2013 NHA 6276
Sakiro's Hackipedia Volume 2 30.09.2012 NHA 20160
Sakiro's Hackipedia Volume 1 21.08.2012 Sakiro 16929
I Am Metabolism, by Daniel Coffeen 23.06.2011 NHA 7364
Books: The Tell Tale Brain by V S Ramachandran 23.02.2011 NHA 7890
Play: Big Pharma 01.03.2010 NHA 7769
Books: The Nature of Being Human 01.03.2010 NHA 7136
Books: Why We Cooperate 01.03.2010 NHA 8915
Books: Why Beauty Is Truth - The History of Symmetry 27.11.2009 NHA 7717
Books: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running 27.11.2009 NHA 8546
Books: The Age of Empathy 27.11.2009 NHA 8502
Books: Magical Parent / Magical Child 27.11.2009 NHA 7419
Books: Clinical Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy 27.11.2009 NHA 8225
Books: The Healthy Aging Brain 27.11.2009 NHA 7761