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Автор: Sakiro   
21.08.2012 21:45
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Sakiro's Hackipedia Volume 1
Section 1: Hacks and Exercices for All Networks
Section 2: Basics Hacks and Exercicces
Section 2: Network 2
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 Volume 1

This is a directory of practical hacks and exercises (H&E) in Neurohacking, including some tests for self assessment.


When I first started learning about NH, I got an especial interest about how different exercises improve different parts of our brain, and how each of those parts works “as a whole” to produce what we call intelligence.

Discoveries that enlightened me, and inspired me to know that there are no skills or particular subjects we cannot understand or learn.

Realization that if we can't do or understand something, it is just a matter of not having enough points of similarity between what we are trying to learn and what we already know.

I think that we live in a society where people get labeled based on the skill that they currently have, and automatically they end up thinking that that's only the only stuff they can excel at.

“Im just a logic based person”

“Only Sports are for me”

“Numbers are complicated; I'm a more creative type of guy”


And thanks to this wonderful site, it freed me for that judgment, and now I know we can become whatever we want to be, it's just a matter of practise, building up the networks related to the task we want to excel at, and keeping them balanced.

Because we have the best program ever, intelligence, and with that tool in our arms, nothing is impossible.

Knowing all this, and feeling very comfortable gathering stuff on the net, I contribute this compendium of resources and exercises which I think all the members here can make use of to help exercise their brains.

Keep your brain entertained, play and have fun!

Sakiro – NH Student


NOTES: This is a work in progress so we'll be filling in more and updating to include new H&E. If any of you have discovered or invented new hacks etc that have produced good results or insights into how the mind works, let us know so that we can add them in.

We have marked whether entries are hacks, exercises, or both. What's the difference? In a hack we are changing something, either physically to improve, to get rid of obstacles in our way, or to increase our awareness, and hacks should be used to prevent wrong input in networks. Exercises are for improvement of unused networks, practicing skills, and augmentation.

There are currently 3 sections as follows:

1. H&E for all networks (benefits whole brain connectivity & helps balance networks)

2. Basics H&E (mainly for networks 1&2)

3. Intermediate H&E (mainly for networks 3&4) -this can be found in volume 2.


And we expect to add another section over time:

4. Advanced H&E (mainly for networks 5&6)



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